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Electronic Flare

The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device accepted to completely replace dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic marine flares. 
Battery-operated, buoyant, and lightweight SOS Distress Light, can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. Lasts hours compared to flares, which last minutes, or flare gun meteors, which last mere seconds. 

 Coast Guard-Compliant Orange Distress Flag fulfills the legal requirement for "Day Visual Distress Signal for Boats" (46 CFR 160.072). The black square and black circle pattern on this orange 36" x 36" Distress Flag has proven to be a lifesaver in daytime aerial searches. The flag signal is made from a durable orange plastic with brass grommets in each corner. 

Together, the Orange Distress Flag and the SOS C-1001 Distress Light meet USCG Federal Requirements for carriage of day and night visual distress signals. 

• Complies with all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for “Night Visual Distress Signals” 46 CFR 161.013 
• When combined with the included daytime distress signal flag, meets all USCG Federal Requirements for carriage of DAY and NIGHT Visual Distress Signals 
• Designed, engineered, patented, and produced in the USA 
• One time purchase — no expiration so no disposal is needed 
• Family safe 
• Simple on/off switch 
• Powered by (3) three replaceable "C" cell alkaline batteries - available worldwide 
• Visible for over 10 nautical miles 
• Environmentally safe