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The Family Adventure Continues

Posted by Karen Rumpf on


Sailorman Chuck to handover the helm to daughter, Heather


Lots of rumors have been buzzing around and we wanted you to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth… Sailorman is not going out of business, or being sold. Exploring retirement options, sole owner and CEO, Chuck Fitzgerald decided to sell the property where the store’s current building sits. He also searched for a soul crazy enough to venture to move the store with its unending inventory to a new location. After a few near deals, Heather, the elder of his two daughters and first mate for the past 23 years, couldn’t bear to see it go and decided to carry on the Sailorman legacy. Heather, aside from her remarkable resemblance to Chuck, holds dear the character and business practices that has made Sailorman one of the most loved marine stores around the world. Along with her husband and four sons, she looks forward to following in Chuck’s footsteps. For those who enjoy having Chuck around, he plans on easing into retirement slowly and will be around until Sailorman has firmly set its anchor at the new location. While the exact place has yet to be finalized, the move will take place sometime in the spring of 2016. It will remain in close proximity and promises to bring the same charisma, inventory,and great prices, just without the mosquitoes. And who knows, perhaps it will be air-conditioned